Friday, 7 December 2012

iPhone Provide Robust Remote Support Application

Apple was initiator to brought a revolution into mobile application. Smart phones manufacturers are thankful to apple for this innovation. Today smart phones become a synonyms of mobile application development in your handset. People feels that smart phones are totally useless without mobile applications.

There are various platforms available into mobile application market like iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry, J2ME. From all of above iOS acquire highest market share in sell as well as usage of mobile applications. iPhone has rich portfolio of mobile iphone application development have like games, entertainment, lifestyle, banking, financial, navigation, restaurant etc.

And it is noticeable thing that most of the platforms focus onto these mentioned above type of applications but iOS never ignore any corner. It is obvious that today mobile devices become an essential and important part of the organizational IT infrastructure. Most of the activities can be handled by mobile devices today. Amongst them remote support is there.

Here are unique features of remote support application by iPhone:

A) iPhone application offers you bulk of remote support applications. It will allow you to work over the network and manage the client very efficiently.

B) You can also raise the ticket like from helpdesk application by iPhone.

C) Even you can calculate netmask for your local network.

D) You can check out IP as well as status of the software running onto web server.

E) Application allows you to test the host name and support the protocol as well.

These are the applications available in market for remote support by iPhone:

1) aSubnet

2) AD HelpDesk

3) Deep Whois

4) iNetUtil

5) IPv6 Query

6) iSSH


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